Vikasitha Enterprise (Pvt) Ltd

48, Pannala Road, Dankotuwa, Sri Lanka.

Vikasitha Enterprise (Pvt) Ltd is a subsidy of Vikasitha Group of Companies with more than 20 year service in Sri Lanka and Japan. We offer Hassle free, germ free and eco friendly Daiki Johkasou new technology septic water tanks in Sri Lanka.

Daiki axis Over 60 Years In Japan. Design, construction, and maintenance of various types of wastewater treatment equipment Manufacturing, distribution, designing, and construction of products using recycled resin and other materials Distribution and installation of various construction materials and household equipment Refining and distribution of biodiesel fuel and sale of purification plants Production and distribution of drinking water


Daiki Axis Group has offices and affiliated companies in major cities in Japan, as well as in Dalian, Shanghai, and Indonesia. Through this network of security and reliability that spreads across Japan, China, and Southeast Asia, They cover every detail of our customers' requirements. Out of Japan, Daiki Environmental Protection Engineering (Dalian) Co., Ltd. in China and PT. Daiki Axis Indonesia in Indonesia carry out water treatment related businesses,

Why this tank is important and useful 

  • All waste water in to one tank 
  • Waste water is reusable after this treatment 
  • In anaerobic digestion of wastewater/ sewage in Daiki Johkasou, helps to destroy, all types of virus, bacteria! pathogens, protozoa, helminths & then the water born diseases are completely controlled due to the Anaerobic (No Oxygen)Condition of Daiki Johkasou system. 
  • Stop poisoners gases generating 
  • Can be installed in a small, spare space 
  • Easy to install 
  • Short installation time
  • Can use in marshy iands
  • No overflowing in rainy days
  • No leaks
  • No bad odors
  • No soil pollutions
  • Protect water streams
  • Not damaging to natural scenery.
  • Invaluable contribution to protect
  • environment
  • Trust and Service
  • Excellent After Sales Service