Tsing Tao Chinese restaurant

Philip Gunewardena Mawatha, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka.

Tsing Tao is an exquisite Chinese restaurant headed by native Chinese Chefs. Tsing Tao was opened in 2013, and still from then restaurant is headed by native Chinese Master Chief, Huasheng Mo. Tsing Tao also have a good native Chinese team to support Master Chief. Tsing Tao uses carefully selected secret ingredients import directly from China to make sure their foods have the same original Chinese taste. We also use fresh seafood, vegetables and meat products and are not a day old. Our vegetables are organic and we give our full effort to make your dining experience a nutritious one. Transformation and combination of these with the correct seasoning bring out ancient china in the heart of Colombo; bringing China to your doorstep.

Tsing Tao Chinese restaurant is located on the top of race Course with a stylish interior and a seating capacity for about 200 guests. In Tsing Tao, you can have a romantic dinner with your loved one or any other special occasion from corporate functions to business. It is an elegant place located in the heart of the Colombo city where has a finer and intimate Chinese dinning experience in Colombo, Sri Lanka.