Poonie's Kitchen

63, Pedlars Street, Fort, Galle, Sri Lanka.
Poonie's Kitchen is a newly found restaurant in the Galle Fort. Restaurant is tourist-friendly and has a nice environment. At the moment, they got only a limited menu, which includes sandwiches, noodles with prawns, quiches and salads. They have a nice chicken sandwich made with brown bread, rocket leaves, sweet-and-spicy mix of chicken with mango and avocado. Poonie's also offers a prawns noodles which comes with well seasoned prawns, and fried-tossed with vegetables and loads of juice. In addition to main dishes, they have a tea menu and desserts as well. The tea comes in several flavours like spiced chai and the lemongrass. The desserts include passion fruit-butter cake, carrot cake and chocolate brownie. Poonie's Kitchen also have a very friendly service as well.