Nikini Automation

249, High Level Road, Colombo 05, Sri Lanka.

Nikini is a well-known name in Sri Lankan automation industry. The company was established as a trading company in 1983 and soon expanded as a state-of–the-art automation solution provider. At present, the specialized services offered by Nikini automation includes design and fabrication of automation machinery, material handling systems, pneumatic and electro-pneumatic systems, packaging equipment and coding solutions using Inkjet printers. From resent, we are providing custom designed grid connected as well as off grid solar photovoltaic systems for the benefit of the Sri Lanka’s environmentally conscious. We use high efficiency solar modules from Sharp, Japan and SMA solar inverters from Germany.We also have our own training center to fully cater to the industrial needs of training employees to better implement maintenance and troubleshooting activities for our brands. This is implemented partially as an aid for development of the technology base of the country. This is an activity having synergistic benefits for the industrial customers as well as Nikini.