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In the capital of Sri Lanka,2010 was the year we started to sell musical instruments and parts. As people's thirst for music making grew our business flourished from local retailer to regional whole sale leader. Providing a comprehensive list of branded musical instrument to schools and many musical institution. Now we are not only one the leader in the capital of Sri Lanka.We are one of the leader in the whole of island For These Items. Different sizes of Junior Drum Sets and 5pcs, 7pcs Drum Sets, 8" to 18" Cymbals, Drum Pedal-DP100, 400,500, Snare Stands, Cymbal Stands, Hi-Hat Stands, Boom Stands, Bongo Stands, Drum Throne, Junior Pedal and Hi-Hat, Cowbell, Cowbell Holder, Lark and Conductor brands of Alto- Saxophone, Trumpet, 14" Snares, 24" Bass Drum, 14" Side Drums, 8" to 24" Different qualities of Drum Heads,Maverick Acoustic guitar, with EQ guitar, 38" guitar, Star Lark brand violin, Peavey, Condor,Bass guitar, Lead guitar, Preamp guitar, Left hand guitar, Alice brand Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar strings, Violin strings, D'Addario, Elixer, Martin, Yamaha, Fender branded strings sets, Different types of Harmonica, Tambourine, Melodica tubes, Violin Shoulder Rest, Paiste, Zildjian Cymbal Sets,Different types of Guitar Pickups, Bass Guitar Tuning Key, Guitar Polish, Fet Board Polish and etc. We've focused all our energy on delighting our customers again and again with the highest quality products, the fastest delivery and good honest advice. Our passion for our customers is what has enabled us to get to where we are today and we have no plans to stop there!