About Dsify

dsify.com is a Sri Lankan online business directory service which serve to Sri Lankan businesses community to communicate directly with their customers. We offer business indexing service with wide range of options, going beyond traditional business directories and telephone directories. We are still at the initial stage with "FREE" indexing facility with limited features. Its "FREE" so you can index your business at dsify.com without thinking twice. You may send us a request email to dsify@dsify.com with your basic business information such as "Business Name", "Address", "Business Type", "Your Name" and "Your Contact Details [email and mobile]", our team will assist you on rest. If you like you can upgrade your business to a paid plan or continue as "FREE" as long as you like. If you hurry-up you will also be eligible for special discounts and promotional offers, which will be a lifetime advantage if you decide to upgrade your plan.

Currently we only index businesses which are physically located in Sri Lanka but expecting to open for other countries in the region. However, without waiting until that you may forward the information via dsify@dsify.com if you own a business outside Sri Lanka. We will keep the information with us and index and let you know once we launched.

If you have any comment, clarification or suggestion, please emails us.